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Hippotherapy program, St Leonards in West Swan, is joining HorsePower Hills

St Leonards volunteers from left to right - Tania Harvey, Bailey the horse, Julie Nicholson, Alison Pugh, Jenny Hale, Jan Pavlinovich, Silvi the horse held by Alwyne Roach, Nicky Bushell and Dale Simpson.

Horsepower Hills is pleased to announce an expansion of Hippotherapy program services.

Commencing in Term 2, a second Hippotherapy program, to be known as ‘St Leonards’, will join HorsePower Hills.

It will complement the HorsePower Hills Hippotherapy program that has been operating in Sawyers Valley by Occupational Therapist Jane Liddiard for over a decade.

Jane's program is known as 'Take the Reins'.

St Leonards has been operating as a HorsePower Australia Hippotherapy program for many years at a private property in West Swan. It is overseen by Physiotherapist Nicky Bushell.

The St Leonards team includes Hippotherapy Horse Handlers Alwyne Roach and Julie Nicholson and six highly-trained volunteers, some of whom have more than 30 years’ experience.

Olivia riding pony Silvi with volunteers (from left to right) Alison, Alwyne and Nicky.

The St Leonards program operates from 9.30 to 1.30 on Thursdays during school term.

HorsePower Hills President Rebekah Millard said, “I am very pleased the St Leonards team has chosen to join us. We share the same ethos, compassionate values and outstanding skills that deliver results for our participants. We are honoured to apply our management and governance strength to support the work of this wonderful team of volunteers.”

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