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Developing new skills and discovering new abilities.

HorsePower Hills (HP Hills) is an independent association incorporated as Riding for the Disabled Association Hills Group (RDAHG) with its trading name listed as HorsePower Hills. Its rules are lodged with the State Government and are publicly available. It has an annually elected committee and presents audited statements at it's AGM.

HorsePower Hills is more than a horse-riding centre for people with disability and diversabilities. The organisation provides service, support and a genuine interest in the welfare of it's clientele which includes riders, their families, horses, volunteers, sponsors and equestrian and disability services associates.

It provides a space for parents and families to meet and share support for one another. It provides opportunities for people aged 12 years and over to develop skills and knowledge and to take on the responsibilities and pleasures of being a volunteer and, if interested, in becoming a coach and/or horse handler.

It provides a space and resources for researchers to investigate the relationships between horses, people, health and happiness.

HorsePower Hills is part of it's wider community in the Perth Hills, within Western Australia and within HorsePower Australia. It is an associate member of HETI (Horses in Education and Therapy International).

HorsePower Hills welcomes individuals, groups and businesses as partners in its mission to provide positive personal growth opportunities through the transformative power of the horse. 

Associate member of HETI

HorsePower Hills was previously known as Riding for the Disabled Association Hills Group Inc. RDA Hills Group remains our official, incorporated name. HorsePower Hills is our registered trading name. This name change occurred in December 2018. HorsePower Hills was founded as RDA Hills Group in 1978 and has operated from more than a dozen locations in the Shire of Mundaring.


Since 1998 the centre has been located at a private property in Sawyers Valley.


HorsePower Hills is affiliated with HorsePower Australia, which is the ‘umbrella’ organisation supporting all HorsePower centres in WA. HP Australia was affiliated with Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia until December 2018.

The reason for the disaffiliation from RDAA was the decision that greater opportunities to achieve the mission of the organisations would result from establishing a WA state-based ‘umbrella’ organisation.


Equestrian disability services in NSW are similarly state-based. RDAA currently has affiliated members in Queensland, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, SA, the Northern Territory and several centres in WA.


The change to the trading name of HorsePower reflects the contemporary shift from focusing on disability to focusing on the diversabilities of people and on the transformative power of the horse to build human capacities.

Our History

To empower people living with diverse abilities

to develop new skills, discover new abilities 

and define the life they want to live. 

Our Purpose


Rebekah Millard 


Jo Longman


Lynn Fisher 


Willie Warnock

Committee Member

Jane Liddiard

Committee Member

Sheila Seal

Committee Member

Nicky Bushell

Committee Member

Jenny Hale

Reserve Committee Member

Our Committee
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