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Volunteering is extremely rewarding not only to the community but also to the wonderful people that provide their time and skills. It builds confidence by giving you the chance to learn something new, provides opportunities to meet new people, be part of a community, provides challenges that help you step out of your comfort zone and, most importantly, it is fun!

About a third of the HorsePower Hills volunteer group is aged between 12 and 25 years. Volunteers take on vital roles that contribute to the everyday operations of the centre including caring for the horses, ground maintenance and assisting with riding lessons and Hippotherapy sessions.  Volunteers in the equestrian programs undergo a formal training and induction process and have constant supervision by the Coach and Occupational Therapist. Other roles include administrative and leadership roles such as serving on the elected committee, website construction and maintenance, volunteer management, fundraising and photography. 

Also, a very important group of HP Hills volunteers assist at the various Telethon Community Cinemas (TCC) locations from December to April each year. Their work contribution is directly linked to the percentage of profits that HP Hills receives from TCC.

If you would like to volunteer with HorsePower Hills, please see our list of current open volunteer roles. If the role you are looking for is not listed please feel free to send us an email or give us a call (+61 439 420 781).



Equine Care Technician
Equine Care Technician

Love horses and want to make a difference in lives of children living with disabilities? We need Equine Care Technician to help care for our horses and prepare them for riding lessons during the week on weekends. No horse experience required, only the willingness to learn! It’s a great opportunity to spend some time with these amazing and therapeutic animals.


Your duties will include:


  • Brush and groom on a regular basis

  • Wash when required

  • Exercise for fitness (only experienced and approved volunteers)

  • Wash saddle blankets

  • Wash summer rugs

  • Keep tack room tidy and organised

Riding Associate

Includes two roles Sidewalker and Horse Leader. Full training is provided for both roles. 


A side walker is someone who walks alongside the horse next to the rider and acts as a safety net to keep the rider safe and to communicate with the rider to make their lesson even more enjoyable. 

Horse Leader 

A horse leader manoeuvres the horse about the area according to the coach’s instructions. Horse experience is advantages but not required for the role. 

Paddock Pals/ Ground Maintenance 

Our unicorns are very magical in the work they do helping children living with disabilities become stronger physically and mentally, but they don’t have time for the daily chores that keep our centre functional and looking spick and span. We need some clean freak paddocks pals that can assist with cleaning and general ground maintenance. 

No horse or ground maintenance experience necessary! 

Your duties will include: 

•    Checking that our unicorns have water for the day
•    Mucking out stables
•    Mixing feeds and spreading hay
•    Picking up manure from around walking areas
•    Raking leaves - clearing paths 
•    Rake honky nuts and leaves in arena
•    Tree trimming
•    Picking up branches
•    Sweeping hayshed
•    Sweeping toilet
•    Sweeping equipment shed
•    Spray for ants and insects
•    Emptying bins


Record Keeping
  • Keeping track of ensuring volunteers sign in and out for each session

  • Keeping track of emergency procedures 

  • Keeping track of incidents 

  • Maintain session riding records for riders, volunteers and horses 


Fundraising Assistants

We are looking for Fundraising Assistants to help us with our current fundraising efforts and to bring fresh new ideas! Currently, the Telethon Community Cinemas (TCC) is one of our largest fundraising activities and these movie nights do not run themselves. HorsePower Hills Fundraising Assistants and the team at TCC work together to set up the cinemas, ensure each event runs smoothly and assist in packing away the facilities every year. If you love movies (especially free movies) and love helping at events, this will be your ideal role! Most of TCC’s cinemas have been packed away for this year as we move into the colder months but we will need more helpers next summer and new fundraising ideas!

Riding Associate
Paddock Pals
Fundraising Assistants
Record Keeping

Richard is 14 years old and has been a volunteer with HorsePower Hills Group for 3 years.


Richard is dependable and skilled in managing horses and people.  He is personable with the riders, who are his age, or younger.  He has a constant smile and a great sense of humour and nothing is too much or too hard for Richard.


Richard can engage and encourage some of the more difficult or shy riders as he greets everyone as a friend and enjoys catching up with them on a weekly basis. This special gift of his friendship contributes to the rider's growth in confidence and social skills. 

Richard has a talent for horse handling and needs no encouragement to get the horses ready for the lessons. The horses love Richard as much as the riders and other volunteers love Richard.


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