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Jenny Hale receives the Ron Wilson Perpetual Trophy for her extraordinary volunteering service

Jenny Hale, of Millendon, (right) received the Ron Wilson Perpetual Trophy for Outstanding Volunteer.   


Greenmount resident Rebekah Millard, (left) Vice President of HorsePower Hills, presented the award.  Willie Warnock (rear), of Sawyers Valley, nominated Jenny for the award.  


Jenny has been volunteering for Telethon Community Cinemas (TCC) to raise funds for Riding for the Disabled (RDA) and HorsePower centres for more than two decades.  


TCC screens outdoor movies during the warmer months at four metro venues, including Bassendean, staffed entirely by volunteers. The purpose is to raise funds from cinema patrons to benefit children with health and well-being challenges. These funds are distributed to five childrens’ charities, including HorsePower Hills.  


Jenny is a cinema venue night manager and a board member of Movies by Burswood, the charity that runs TCC.  She attends a TCC venue most nights each week and provides special volunteer services to TCC throughout the year.  


Jenny has helped raise over a million dollars for HorsePower and RDA centres. Jenny and her family, friends and colleague volunteers at HorsePower have contributed many thousands of hours at TCC to raise funds for HorsePower Hills. 


The trophy recognises the late Ron Wilson’s important fundraising contribution to HorsePower Hills through volunteering. 


Ron, a Greenmount resident, was the grandfather of Rebekah and a TCC night manager for many years. Ron knew that his volunteering at TCC provided funds that benefited Rebekah, who has been riding at HorsePower Hills since 1999 when she was 6 years old.  


Rebekah is now a volunteer night manager at TCC and a talented Dressage competitor. Willie Warnock is the head coach at the HorsePower Hills Centre in Sawyers Valley, past President and current Vice President of HorsePower Australia. 


Jenny Hale has been a 'hands-on' volunteer in the RDA and HorsePower Hippotherapy programs for over three decades. She continues to volunteer at the HorsePower Hills Hippotherapy Centre at St Leonard’s in West Swan. Jenny has served as Honorary Secretary for HorsePower Australia and she is a Life Member of that association.  


HorsePower Hills is

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