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Our Volunteers in the ECHO Newspaper

One of our volunteers, Rachel Gaynor, was featured in the local newspaper, the ECHO, in June for her amazing work and dedication with HorsePower Hills. Rachel shares her volunteering journey and the reasons why she chose HorsePower. You can read the full article here.

Rachel is a passionate and talented horse lover who has been riding since she was a child. She used to compete in equestrian events, but after finishing her studies, she decided to use her skills for a different purpose. She joined HorsePower Hills three years ago and has been an invaluable member of their team ever since. She coaches horse riding and care, assists with therapy sessions, and takes care of their website.

Rachel said that volunteering at HorsePower Hills has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience for her. She enjoys seeing the positive impact that horses have on the participants, who range from children to adults with various challenges and needs. She said that horses are amazing creatures that can provide physical, mental, and emotional benefits to people. They can also teach important life skills such as confidence, communication, and responsibility.

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