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Transforming lives one hoofbeat at a time.


Our program costs are generously subsidised by the kindness of our local community, donors, and sponsors; therefore, our session fees only cover a fraction (approx 32%) of the actual cost to provide our service. The fee for HorsePower Australia programs at all our centres are detailed in our Fee Schedule, while these fees are already heavily subsidised, thanks to Racing and Wagering WA - Community TAB we are able to offer the Hearts & Horses Scholarship to further ensure our programs remain accessible to those needing further assistance.

Hearts & Horses Participant Scholarships are offered in partnership with Racing and Wagering WA - Community TAB and are intended to be a leg up for those who cannot cover the full costs of sessions. From 2022 participants seeking a Hearts & Horses scholarship are asked to contribute what they can to session fees, this is to help us provide financial assistance to as many people as we can who will benefit from HorsePower programs that harness the therapeutic power of horses to transform their physical health and emotional wellbeing. Participants can apply at any time of the year for a Hearts & Horses scholarship but the period of support can not be for more than 12 months. 


To be eligible to apply for the Hearts & Horses Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an Australian resident. 

  • Be physically, intellectually, emotionally or socially challenged.

  • Be a registered participant with HorsePower Australia and medically cleared to participate in HorsePower Australia programs at an affiliated centre.

  • Demonstrate a financial need &/or circumstances that hinder their participation in HorsePower Australia programs.

  • Not receive NDIS funding (Self or Plan managed) or other individualised funding that could be applied to HorsePower Australia programs.

  • Have clear goals for what they would like to achieve through HorsePower Australia programs and be willing to share their progress and story through HorsePower Australia and partners media channels.


Scholarships will be awarded, at the discretion of the Hearts & Horses selection committee, applicants must demonstrate the following in their application to be considered: 

  • Financial need

  • Anticipated benefits to the participant

  • Commitment to attending registered sessions

Decisions are based on a combination of these factors and available scholarship funds. However, preference is given to those who demonstrate financial need &/or circumstances that hinder their participation without financial assistance.

Scholarships are awarded to assist in the cost of session fees for any HorsePower Australia programs only. 

To apply for a Hearts & Horses Scholarship. click the link below.. You will then be taken to the Hearts & Horses application form for completion and submission.

Once your completed application has been received it will be reviewed and we will contact you with a decision. Our Hearts & Horses Selection committee meet once every two months to reveiw any applications received in that period. If awarded a Hearts & Horses scholarship we will contact you and your nominated affiliated centre to advise of the funds available. The first meeting of the selection committee for 2022 will be the 16th February 2022.


If you experience any problems with the application process or have any questions about the scholarship please contact

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